Good day!
In retrospect, adding the Greatest Potions was a mistake!
This led to:
* devaluation of the mechanics of creating potions from 03/21/2023
* decreased interest in this mechanics
* to the lack of incentives to create new potions
*Complete devaluation of smaller potions
*depreciation of table for creating potions
The best solution was to have no potions as rewards, or to use small potions as rewards, and less often medium potions.
This would give:
1) The player becomes familiar with their existence.
2) Stimulates research into the mechanics of their creation and application.
However, this would cause inflation for small and medium potions.
A solution to this problem could be adding temporary or permanent recipes to the potion creation table. For example, the recipe "Small Fermentation": Use 20 small bottles and get 1 medium one.
This would solve a number of problems, namely:
*reduces inflation of small and medium bottles;
*reduces the feeling of a “useless reward” when they drop
*increases the value of the table for their creation
This is what retrospectives are all about. Regarding fixing the abundance of potions in the current market.
I can only offer a “crutch” in the form of a new recipe for the table. Namely: "Nutritional medium".
Of course, there will be 3 types of “Nutrition Medium”: Luck, Strength, Speed.
The recipe for its creation will include a set of any 20 bottles.
The final result will be determined by the dominance of certain potions added by the player. To do this, each potion size will need to be assigned a “size coefficient”. For example, small potions 1, medium 2, large 3, huge 4.
And the same coefficients will need to be added for the “type of environment”. The result will be a matrix structure of crafting.
Thus, to create a “Nutrition of Luck”, it is enough to add only the required amount of luck potions. Everything else can be “filled” with potions of “Strength” and “Speed”.
This allows:
*burns a large amount of potions, reduces their inflation
*once again increases the value of tables for creating potions
*this is a crutch that repeats the principle of creating potions as such.